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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease, “Paralysis Agitans,” as in any other degenerative issue, has a cause and effect evolutionary process. There can be a genetic predisposition but customarily causative factors led to the diagnosis.

Depending on the patient’s personal philosophy regarding his or her own body, he or she either pro-actively seeks alternative modalities and searches for preventive measures, or he or she pursues the western model of diagnosis and treatment with prescriptions only. Medications to relieve symptoms, like Levodopa and Carbidopa, have been routinely employed.

The diagnosis and progression of this disease is identifiable. This degenerative disease of the central nervous system, experiences an oxidation of the neurons in the brain caused by the Cox 2 Enzyme. The brain decreases dopamine production. The dopamine, a neurotransmitter, becomes out of balance with acetylcholine, disrupting communication between the cells in the brain. The oxidative damage to the brain overwhelms the body’s homeostasis. The resulting symptoms evolve: fatigue, depression, dementia, and slight tremors progressing to advanced tremors, infections, pneumonia and eventual death.

Too frequently the patient looks at a regimen of medications and an unfavorable view of his or her future health prospects. However the causes, and not just the symptoms/progressions, must be included in the equation. Heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, other environmental toxins, malnutrition, liver damage, severe dehydration, and acidic diets are to be considered.

Contraindicated medications, like Haldol and Thorazine, are possible causative factors. Hormone imbalances in DHEA levels can initiate symptoms. All of the above create inflammation, oxidation, neurotoxins and free radical damage, profoundly affecting the central nervous system.

Mangosteen, “Garcinia Mangostana,” holds promising potential solutions for this dreaded degenerative condition. In Vitro Asian Studies have shown some favorable results with this important fruit. Gamma Mangostin, one of the key anti-oxidant Xanthones, from the plant, helps prevent cox 2 enzyme oxidation of neurons. The same Xanthone, Gamma Mangostin, suppresses the inflammatory response which is responsible for creating neurotoxins. The Catechin and Xanthone properties of the fruit scavenge free-radicals at an ORAC rate not previously seen in nutrition science. One of the more recent Mangosteen products incorporates organic green tea and sixty five essential minerals as well. Both have been shown to aid in neuromuscular applications because of anti-oxidant and ##anti-inflammatory## properties. Xanthones display significant attributes in improving rigidity and tremor manifestations.

As with any health profile, both allopathic and holistic approaches should be incorporated. Addressing the acute treatment, after preliminary diagnosis, combined with nutrition, acupuncture and other holistic modalities, offers the most comprehensive plan for the assertive, pro-active Parkinson’s patient. The Mangosteen Liquid, coupled with organic green tea, organic aloe and liquid minerals, certainly is an appropriate first step in a holistic regimen.


Dark soda and health issues

The data continues to compile regarding the dangers of dark soda pop yet the public continues to consume those drinks.

The dangers, not just from caffeine and sugar, are predominately from phosphoric acid and aspertame.

The endocrine system, gastrointestinal sytem, cardiac function AND central nervous system functions are all adversely affected from this dangerous chemical cocktail.

Liquid nutrition is an alternative...getting electrolytes and antioxidants to improve health through natural beverages.


The emerging wellness emphasis

The baby boomers, as one of the dominant demographic groups, are demanding wellness and anti-aging objectives. They want to stay young, look young and feel vibrant energy. M.D.'s are looking at the role of nutrition to meet those demands.

Providing solutions for those needs does enhance your value as a nutritional provider. Always keep in mind their needs and become a better listener.


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